5 Tested Tips That Will Remove Blackheads Guaranteed

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No one likes blackheads. They are unaesthetic and they can get inflamed if they linger too much on the skin. Still, it can be quite challenging to remove blackheads, because they don’t come off that easily.

You probably already tried various means to remove those pesky blackheads, but all you managed to do was to hurt your skin, provoking redness and swelling caused by the pressure you applied to get those blackheads out. Yes, you could always visit the beauty salon to get them out, but that will mean consuming precious time and spend money periodically.

Not to mention that blackheads appear randomly, so you can’t just rush into a beauty salon each time you observe a few unwanted blackheads on your face. So, is there a better method to enjoy a clean and bright skin on the face?

The good news is that there is. Just take a look at the following 5 tested steps that will definitely remove blackheads fast and efficient, without causing you any discomfort.


1. Steam your face

You should never try to remove blackheads without relaxing the pores first. If you have tried to do so, and probably you did, you know just how painful it is to remove blackheads without getting your skin ready in a proper manner.

When the pores are tightly closed, it will be almost impossible to get a blackhead out; plus the result will be skin that looks aggressed, red, and swollen. You certainly won’t want to leave your house like this. And, you should know that you can provoke serious injuries to your skin if you insist too much, risking to scratch the upper layer of the skin with your nails or the tools you may be used to get the blackheads out. This small wound will heal, of course, but this will take for a few days, time in which you’ll have to walk around with a small bruise or even crust on your face.

So, now that we went through all the reasons that tell you why you should not try to remove blackheads without opening the pores first, it’s time to know that steaming your face is the best way to get ready for a thorough cleansing of your skin. While showering, your face gets a certain amount of steam that relaxes the pores, but it may not be enough if you don’t like to show with hot water, which is not too recommended because it dried the skin too much.

Thus, you can steam your face easily with the help of a pot of hot water. Just pick a pot that is wide enough so that your face will not risk touching the edges of the pot. Fill the pot halfway with water and heat it up to a boiling point. You can even add to it one or two chamomile tea bags because they have a calming and antiseptic effect, keeping any inflammation at bay especially if you know that you have sensitive skin.

Once the water in the pot reaches the boiling point, turn the head off. Now come with your face toward the steam, getting as close as you can to the pot, without feeling uncomfortable due to the heat of the steam. Place a towel over your head, preventing the steam to escape too much from the pot, so that your pores enjoy it as much as possible. Stay with your face in the steam for 10 to 15 minutes before going to the next step.


2. Using an appropriate device that removes blackheads without damaging your skin

Once the skin on your face has been steamed, the pores are open and blackheads can come out easier. Still, even so, it is not recommended using your nails or any hard items on your skin, because they can still produce lesions. But a small device that uses the power of vacuum to lift blackheads from your skin without the need to push, squeeze, or scrape, is the ideal solution.

The Blackhead Remover Vacuum Suction Device, is precisely the type of device you need. With the pores nicely open at this stage, after using steam, this small but precise tool will gently remove blackheads from your skin without causing any pain and discomfort. Unlike your visits to the beauty salon from where you used to walk out with a red skin on your face after blackhead removal treatments, with this tool you won’t experience any redness, swelling, or inflammation.

The device comes with several head types from which you can use, depending on the type of skin you want to treat, so you can enjoy the best results in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is pick the desired head, turn on the device, and make sure you pass it gently over the affected skin areas, slowly enough and with the head touching the skin so that the device is able to suck in the undesired blackheads.


3. Use a mask for a more in-depth cleaning

To complement the effects of the tool you just used at the previous step and make sure that you get rid of as many blackheads as possible, you can always apply a mask for a more in-depth cleaning.

The Deep Cleansing Black Mask is more than ideal for removing any blackheads that may be left behind during previous steps. It is the best selling facial mask specially created to remove blackheads on the market, always extracting an impressive number of blackheads each time you use it. It contains natural ingredients such as grapefruit and calendula extracts, for plumping and firming the skin, and activated charcoal powder to disinfect and deeply but gently cleanse the skin on your face.

Just apply the mask over your entire face, leaving your eyes and lips uncovered, and allow the mask to act and dry for 30 minutes, time in which you can relax. Once the mask is dried, just peel it off and you will see just how well it works, as the bottom part that will be removed from your skin will be covered in removed blackheads.



4. Make sure there aren’t any leftovers by using adequate tools

If you want to enjoy a pristine skin on your face that is entirely free of any blackheads, you need to do an ultimate check. Regardless if we like it or not, there might be blackheads that are more stubborn and may not want to come up without a fight. But, with the right tool, you will be able to get rid of the for sure. You need tweezers that were specially created to deal with blackheads.

Made out of stainless steel and with an incredible precision, the Steel Curved Tip Blackheads Tweezers or The Comedone & Acne Remover is just the tool that shouldn’t miss from your blackhead removing arsenal. The vacuum cleaner and mask are potent weapons for blackhead mass extermination, but this tool will make sure that no blackheads are left behind. With tips that were made to comfortably but securely grab a hold on tiny things like blackheads, it won’t be hard to obtain a beautiful and clean skin. It will remove blackheads without harming the skin that surrounds them, so you won’t have to deal with redness and irritation.

The tool can be easily operated with one hand, as you find that stubborn blackhead, grab it with its tips, and remove it in just a fraction of a second. Once you are done using the tweezers, use a cotton ball and some cleaning alcohol to sterilize it and keep it clean. Also, from time to time, you can boil the tool just to make sure that it is properly disinfected.


5. Rinse your face with cold water or apply ice compresses to close the pores

Now that your face went through an entire cleaning ritual meant to remove all the blackheads that were ruining its aspect, it is time for the closing step. You used steam to open the pores and remove the blackheads. Well, the pores are even more vulnerable once the blackheads have been removed, because they leave an empty space in your skin where dust and other debris can accumulate and generate new blackheads.

So, once you’re done cleaning your skin and removing blackheads, it is crucial to close the pores while they are still very clean. You can do that by simply rinsing your face with cold water. Or you can apply ice compresses, which will calm down your skin in case you feel that it has been slightly worked out by the cleaning process. Just make sure you use a clean towel and that you don’t apply ice directly on your skin because it can create frost bites.

The best way to use ice is to wrap them in a towel and apply them on the skin, through gentle tapping movements, moving the compress from one spot to another until you feel the skin on your face completely relaxed and soothed.

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