4 Pcs Stainless Tools Blackhead Comedone & Acne Remover

4 Pcs Stainless Tools Blackhead Comedone & Acne Remover

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4 Stainless Steel Comedone Extractors for Blackhead, Whitehead and Acne Removal

Fight outbreaks of pimples with this professional-grade kit of comedone extractors that make it easy to perform a surgical strike!


  • Effective spot removal through applying direct pressure—enjoy instant results the safe way
  • Hygienic and durable design reduces the risk of scarring that can come through using just your fingers
  • Kit of four includes a needle extractor, comedone extractors and loops in different sizes to tackle differently size spots

If yours skin is prone to outbreaks and creams, lotions and washes simply aren’t helping you in the fight against acne, then it’s time to get serious with precision tools.

The simple fact is that professional skin care products aren’t capable of removing the actual cause of your outbreaks: the blockage that is clogging your pores in the first place.

If you have ever visited a professional to have acne removed, you will already be familiar with the comedone extractor—a precision surgical tool that has been designed specifically for popping pimples safely and easily.

This kit of four comedone extractors, made from surgical grade stainless steel, is what professional dermatologists use to remove zits—and what you need to banish unappealing pimples from your face and body!

Comedone is the medical term for a clogged pore or hair follicle—over time, exposure to the environment leads to debris filling your pores, with blackheads and whiteheads being the unsightly results.

Unlike more conventional creams and lotions, a comedone extractor works through direct contact, allowing you to apply direct pressure on the area around your whiteheads and blackheads. As a result of the pressure from the comedone extractor, all the sebum, oil, dry skin and even dust trapped in the pore is forced out—leaving you with flawless skin!

For the best results, we recommend using the following simple four-step process when using your comedone extractor to deal with unattractive pimples:

  • Steam your face before using the comedone extractor: having a hot shower, or holding your face over a bowl of boiled water opens your pores, making it easier to use the comedone extractor
  • When read to get started, wash your face thoroughly
  • Apply the comedone extractor to the area around your pimple gently. If the head doesn’t pop, stop—it’s not ready yet.
  • When finished, sanitize your comedone extractor with alcohol and treat your face with your acne care medication, or an astringent oil like tea tree oil

Skin congestion is one of the most common skin complaints, affecting people with skin of all types. If you’re tired of looking in the mirror only to see a pimple looking right back, it’s time to fight back with a comedone extractor, the professional’s first choice when it comes to fighting the war against zits!

Say hello to unclogged pores and a fresh face and order your comedone extractor kit today. Discover why this is one tool that professional dermatologists won’t work without—and the secret to truly pristine skin, free of blackheads, whiteheads and acne!

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