SHILLS Deep Cleansing Black Mask - Blackhead Removal Facial Mask

SHILLS Deep Cleansing Black Mask - Blackhead Removal Facial Mask

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SHILLS Deep Cleansing Black Mask—Blackhead Removal Facial Mask

Introducing the most efficient blackhead removal mask on the market today—gets the gunk and funk off for clear, glowing skin!

  • Bestselling mask literally “peels off” blackheads on application every time
  • Natural ingredients including calendula and grapefruit plump up the skin while firming tone
  • Deep skin cleansing with activated charcoal sucks out acne oils from skin pores for skin that glows with health
  • Adjustable to fit your unique T-zone area and surface. Fast and easy application for efficiency

Are you tired of looking in the mirror every day and seeing a face ravaged by acne and dreaded blackspots? Do you wish that blackheads removal was faster, easier and more effective?

SHILLS Deep Cleaning Black Mask—Blackhead Removal Facial Mask is the new, fast and efficient way to stop your blackhead problem dead in its tracks. Leveraging the powerful cleansing properties of activated charcoal, this mask gets straight to the job of removing blackheads from your face, leaving you with beautifully clean and glowing skin.

Before using, simply cleanse your skin with warm water to open your pores and dry your skin, then apply SHILLS deep cleaning black mask to your face, taking care to avoid sensitive areas. Watch TV or surf the internet for up to 30 minute as the mask dries then peel off the mask and be amazed at the results! Finally, wash your face with cold water to close your pores and go about your day knowing that the activated charcoal is working its magic.

Order your SHILLS Deep Cleaning Black Mask today before it goes out of stock and discover just why so many are raving about the world’s most efficient blackhead removal mask!

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